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lake and pond management services in Ohio
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Algae/Aquatic Weed Control

The Aqua Master full season program answers the needs of your lake or pond. Spring through fall we will send a crew of our aquatic specialists to care for your lake or pond. Every visit we will inspect your lake or pond to determine the proper treatment and rate as well as add a UV blocker and shading. Our lake and pond management program allows us to stay on top of your needs. All lakes and ponds have common characteristics, however each are unique. Therefore, managing the threats to them requires extensive knowledge and experience. Healthy lakes and ponds are not only beautiful, but they provide habitat and drinking water for a variety of plants and animals and are also important for recreational uses such as fishing, swimming and boating.

Our programs consists of regular inspections and treatments by trained, licensed and insured technicians. These applications, in association with close monitoring, ensure an attractive, trouble-free pond throughout the year.

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