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We do it all: repairs, cleaning, installation, refinishing, new sales, consulting, maintenance programs, and more. We'll get the job done right just give us a call or send us a email ... We are happy to help.

Complete Pond Aeration
Our complete pond aeration system is designed to increase oxygen concentration, fish productivity and pond health, create beneficial water movement and deter undesired vegetation. By installing this system you greatly reduces the likelihood of summer fish kills caused by turn-overs. Winter fish kills our also reduced by keeping an area ice free to allow gas transfer and sun light penetration. Also, due to the uniform high oxygen level produced by our system fish are able to utilize both upper and lower strata. With the introduction of oxygen the pond is healthier and able to sustain a larger fish population.

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Surface Fountain/Aerator
Ohio Aqua Master offers several different surface aerators because we know one type of surface aerator is not suited for the needs of every pond. Surface aerators increase the oxygen content of the pond water, while accelerating the venting of toxic gasses, such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane.

High oxygen transfer aerators

Form and function fountains

Aesthetically pleasing fountains

LED Light kits

Contact Us and we can help determine what system works best for you and your pond.

Service and Repairs
We service and repair all makes and models fountains/aerators. We are the company to call to fix your downed fountain/aerator system. Ohio Aqua Master proudly offers quality service at affordable rates to residential and commercial pond owners throughout central Ohio. We'll get the job done right so you can enjoy the beauty of your water feature. Just give us a call or send us a email ... We are happy to help.

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