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Ohio Aqua Master is a full service lake and pond management company dedicated to making every lake and pond beautiful. We have serviced the Ohio area since 1995 and understand the science and art of pond management - and know our client's number one priority is great results. We offer a full range of lake and pond management services and are dedicated to helping pond and lake owners achieve their goals.

Many homeowners and businesses in Ohio have private ponds and lakes which enhance the beauty of the property, but it is easy to allow that tranquil beauty to turn into an eyesore without proper maintenance. Uncontrolled algae growth, lack of weed control, erosion of the pond banks and a host of other problems can quickly turn that tranquil oasis into a smelly and unsightly mess!

We offer a wealth of time proven solutions to correct these problems and bring the beauty back to your property.

We offer:

Contact Us for a solution to your lake or pond problems and we will work with you to bring the beauty back to your property!

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